My Blues by Massimo Soranzio (WEARING A MASK Series)

Silver Birch Press

Blue mask, ice lollyMy Blues
by Massimo Soranzio

I’ve got a nice blue mask
to cover nose and mouth
and matching latex gloves,
should I touch anything.
Of course, my jeans are blue,
and my polo shirt, too,
and my sneakers are blue:
feeling—and looking—blue.

Losing my irony
during this long lockdown
would mean going insane:
no one could ever cope,
in this situation,
without finding relief
in what’s ridiculous,
absurd, preposterous.

I can cry, behind my
sunglasses, and now I
can laugh, too, behind my
mask, and no one can
see, but—would anyone
care? We keep a distance,
avoid other people,
hurry to run back home.

I’ve got a nice blue mask,
and I am blue all through,
I want to laugh again
in a world full of pain,
but laughs do not come cheap
right now, I’d sooner weep—
when I turn on the news,
I start singing the blues…


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