This blog was inaugurated on March 31, 2018, with the idea I’d begin by posting at least one poem a day for National Poetry Month, April 2018. The header picture of my mirror reflections was taken at a pub in Sandycove, Ireland, a few years ago. Sandycove is more famous for its Martello Tower, known as Joyce’s Tower, today a Joycean museum. But it’s a beautiful seaside village, with some great places to eat out, like this one, which just happens to surprise you when you enter the gents. My picture on this page, instead, shows one of my other interests, apart from poetry: I am a gourmet, I love both cooking and eating good food, possibly sharing it with friends and family.

I write on the northern Adriatic coast of Italy, about 20 miles from Trieste. I teach English as a foreign language and English literature in a high school, and I’ve been a journalist, a translator, and a freelance lecturer on Modernist literature and literary translation. I took part in the Found Poetry Review’s National Poetry Month challenges Oulipost (2014) and PoMoSco (2015). You may find some more of my poetry online, on Silver Birch Press’s blog, on Visual Verse, or on Gnarled Oak, as well as in print in a couple of anthologies. You can find me on my wordpress blog, as well as on Medium. And you can find some of the pictures that accompany my poems here, and more, un unsplash.com.

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