Smorfia (Visual Verse)

When I saw the weird picture presented in Visual Verse this month, that’s all I thought: what a weird picture. But in the end, something came out of it, which you can find here.

The meaning of “Smorfia” is well explained here.

I wrote about a similar topic in April 2018, when my theme was a Tarot.

7 thoughts on “Smorfia (Visual Verse)

    1. Glad to be able to “export” a less well known Italian tradition… This is more Neapolitan, but a lot of people playing lotto like associating dreams and numbers to bet on. I had to do some research, as I am not a lotto player, so I hope any Neapolitan readers won’t mind it if I was imprecise – in case, I’d love to learn if any different numbers might apply.

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