A Return to the Season

Irish Pub Books

A return to the season,
whatever the location,
your favourite transfer
to a dream destination,
indeed a brief respite
from gloomier realities,
where all your recollections
of the fireside fiddles,
the music, the women,
the tender transactions
emboldened by liquor
and skilful, rattling tongues,
by design or accident,
will have a full revival,
maybe the most eloquent,
or rather essential,
austere yet magical,
insatiable, extreme:
your own, individual,
artisanal but final,
fond appreciation
of favourite classics.

Note: This is a found poem I composed out of a more or less random search through books on Irish pubs and cookery, passing the time in a Dublin bookshop before going to an appointment, in March 2015.
Here are my source books:
McFadden, Christine, et al. The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook. Bath: Paragon, 2012.
Allen, Darina. Irish Traditional Cooking. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 2012 (rev. ed.)
Blake, Liam. Irish Pubs. Kilcoole: Picture Press.ie, 2012.
(not credited) Irish Recipes. Kilcoole: Picture Press.ie, 2013.
Fennell, James and Bunbury, Turtle. The Irish Pub. London: Thames & Hudson, 2008.