POEM — (NaPoWriMo / Day 28)

Pastoral parody, palindromic pastiche, postmodern paradox, pantoum! Objective, occasional ode, oxymoron, Oulipo? Ekphrastic elegy, elliptical eclogue, ethnopoetic epic... Metaphysical madrigal, metaphorical, metrical mimesis. NOTE: Today's prompt from napowrimo.net suggested being meta-poetic.

How to Strangle a Priest — (NaPoWriMo / Day 26)

In a city full of priests,no wonder some may be wanted dead.Knowing how priests love their food,no problem finding how to kill one.Choke him with pasta,choke him with bacon,choke him with sheep's cheeseand pepper at will!Not I, I would never killany priest, nor anyone at that,though I used to hate our ownfamily's priest always arrivingright … Continue reading How to Strangle a Priest — (NaPoWriMo / Day 26)